Love The Ideal Card? Partner With Us

Become an Authorized Dealer & Distributor of The Ideal Card with our Wholesale & Reseller Program.

For a Limited Time


You can Sign-Up to become an Authorized Dealer & Distributor for just


*$40 initiation fee. Total payment due upon enrollment is $99.

As an Authorized Dealer & Distributor, you will get:

 A 50% discount on all our Standard Models Items when you purchase them in Bulk (500+).

 A 40% discount when we dropship our Standard Models items directly to your customers.

 A 30% discount on all Custom Models.

As a dealer, you also have the option to provide your customers with discounts starting from 10%, as an incentive to buy directly from you.

These discounts apply to all our current products and our Coming Soon products which will include, but not limited to, Bracelets, Smartphone Cases, Watches, Wallets & Money Clips, Pens, Cufflinks, Sunglasses, Chains & Necklaces, etc., as well as additional models for Cards, Rings & Key Holders.

Processing Your Wholesale Orders

You can have any of our items drop shipped directly to your customers anywhere in the world. Simply place your order on our website with your Dealer & Reseller Account and automatically get your 40% discount on Standard Models & 30% on Custom Models applied.

You can also have your customers purchase directly from your Ideal Card's Personalized Storefront (, and you will earn a commission equal to your dealer discount, which will be paid to you 30 days after the purchase has been made by your customer. For dealers who love the ease the personalized storefront provides and don't mind waiting to get paid, this is the purchasing option for you.

Buy in Bulk and get a 50% discount on Standard Model & a 30% discount on Custom Models. You save on individual shipping costs by having all the products shipped directly to you for local distribution, and to be sold at your retail stores.

*Each product will have a unique identifier that your customers can use to set up their individual Ideal Card accounts on our website.

Rules To Abide By

The Ideal Card or Inkgility brand cannot be used in any way, this is quite standard in the distribution & reselling industry.

All partners must sell & distribute our products under their own independent brand names. These brand names cannot be similar names to our own brand names, and also cannot have similar marketing keywords we use or one that a competitor might use; for example, Digital Business Cards (as a brand name).

All brand names distributing our products must have neutral names that will not cause any conflict with any of our brands.

You can, however, also use our brand name and keywords as marketing keywords while promoting your own brand. For example, you can have marketing keywords such as Authorized Dealer of The Ideal Card, and use the same marketing keywords we use to promote your brand.

We would like to suggest that you set up an independent company or subsidiary of your existing company that deals with providing marketing products and services to businesses so that when we also launch partnership programs for Inkgility, you can also provide those products & services to your clients under that same brand.

You are, however, not required to have a company to distribute The Ideal Cards, you can resell our products independently as an individual.

Our tech team is currently working on the proper coding for the combined shipping aspect of the website so that no one has to overpay for shipping when different items are being grouped & shipped together. We can, however, apply the combined shipping discount to you if you order via email.