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Smart Contactless Networking Cards for the Digital Age

The Reinvention of the Business Card is Finally Here
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The Reinvention of the Business Card is Finally Here
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The Smartest Business Cards in the World

Transfer your contact details to compatible smartphones in just a few seconds.1

Made of durable plastic, metal, ceramic or leather.

No Special Apps Required on Compatible Smartphones.2

Update your contact details in real time.

A Great Networking Tool

All your contact details in one place.

Share & promote your music & videos.

Promote your app.

Grow your network.

Traditional networking for the digital lifestyle.

Share Everything

  • Profile Picture or Company Logo
  • Contact Details
  • Social Media Connections
  • Instant Messaging
  • Payment Details
  • Your Location
  • Music Playlist
  • Video Playlist
  • External Links & Much More


  • Update your bio in real time.
  • Share everything with your prospects.
  • Unlimited details & links.
  • Keeps your friends & associates updated with your most current up to date information.

Real Time Updates

  • With the IDEAL.BIO, you can easily change any of your contact information.
  • Your friends & associates can easily access your most current up to date information by revisiting your IDEAL.BIO saved in their smartphones.

Employee ID & Networking Tool

  • Use The Ideal Card as Employee ID Cards for all your employees.
  • Your employees can use their Employee Ideal ID Cards to swiftly network with prospects.
  • Manage & update your Employee IDEAL.BIO's in real time.


  • Link The Ideal Card with your EMERGENCY.BIO profile in case of emergencies.
  • Keep in your wallet and carry it with you everywhere you go.
  • Manage and update your vital emergency information, medications, allergies, and much more with your EMERGENCY.BIO
  • Keep all your information private with optional password protection.


Need help ? You can reach us in several ways!

Get Started

Select Your Card

Choose from one of our 10 Standard Models, or get a custom model by either selecting one of our custom templates, submitting your own design, designing one yourself, or by having us design one for you.

Choose Your Transfer Method

The Instant Data Transfer option is the quickest transfer method we have & doesn't require network or data connections; however, it only works on Android smartphones & your contact details cannot be updated in real time.
The IDEAL.BIO as your transfer method, on the other hand, works on both iPhones & Android smartphones and can be updated in real time. A network or data connection is, however, required.

Provide Your Contact Details

Create an IDEAL.BIO profile & update your contact details anytime you want, or provide us with your Instant Data Transfer contact details.

Tap Away or Hand Them Out

On iPhones, tap the front or back of the phone near the ear piece receiver, and on Android smartphones, tap the back of the phone- either above or below the camera.

Manage your Profile

Sign-in to your IDEAL.BIO profile to manage your details. You can edit and update all your details in real time with your IDEAL.BIO.


This offer is available to first time subscribers & customers only.